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Our state-of-the-art testing facility offers high pressure gas testing up to 22,500psi in complete safety. All equipment is traceable to National Standards and testing is carried out in accordance to ISO 10423/API 6A PSL3G.

Safety is our prime consideration at all times, so all personnel and inspectors reside in our dedicated control room, which contains Vaseco custom-built software and CCTV equipment for remote observation of external and underwater views. All components under test are lowered into safety pits which are isolated behind reinforced concrete walls and locked doors.

Seat leakages at high and low pressures are measured by rotometers and electronic mass flow transducers.

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Gas Testing Capabilities:

  • High-pressure gas testing up to 60,000 psi
  • Leak detection using 100% Helium or Nitrogen/Helium mixtures
  • C02 Extraction System

Gas Testing Case Study

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During hydrostatic testing, components are hydrostatically tested with inhibited water (in accordance with API6D and ISO14313) to verify the body material strength of the component as well as the high and low pressure leakage integrity of the seat.

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